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Jill Hennessy Medical Examiner Jordan Cavannaugh, M.D.
Ken Howard (I) Max Cavannaugh
Miguel Ferrer Chief Medical Examiner Garret Macy, M.D.
Mahershala Karin-Ali Dr. Trey Sanders
Ravi Kapoor Dr. Mahesh "Bug"
Tamlyn Tomita Dr. Yakura
Moné Walton Mrs. Jenner
Kathryn Hahn Lily Lebowski
Steve Valentine (I) Nigel
Marlene Forte Gloria
María Celedonio Nora
Alex McKenna Abby Macy

Disclaimer: This is a fan site intended only for personal use and enjoyment. I have been a fan of Jills since her days as Claire Kincaid on Law & Order and hope to display and promote Jill and this series in the best light possible. No copyright infringement is intended towards NBC or the stars themselves. Everything on this site is from my personal collection, or otherwise noted, so please do not use it on any other sites. Thank you.